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profile3I want to tell you from the beginning that i love the seaside of my country and i used to be all day long at the beach. But 1 year ago i was diagnosed with nail fungus at few of my feet nails and the problem have evolved in not time. I knew that i need to start a treatment really fast and i bought many naturist creams and many other oils but couldn’t see a big difference. Anyway after 2 months, i got lucky – a good friend of mine recommended me a product that solved her, the same problem few months back, ZetaClear.

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I was already sick of the so called miracle products but considering that he is a good friend, I said to try this product. More reviews on ZetaClear also convinced me, so the next day i ordered it online directly from the manufacturer – you have the source here. The product arrived quickly and, in a few days, i already started the treatment with ZetaClear. After consulting my friend, I tried to make a guide so anybody who use this product can get the same results as we had. So here’s how to use it:

You should know that the package delivered by the manufacturer of ZetaClear contains two bottles: one bottle containing the solution that is applied over the infected nailsand the second bottle is a spray that is applied orally. So it is a 2 step solution:

zetaclear before and after

How to use solution for nails:

1. Trim of the infected nail, so infection is visible directly and apply Zetaclear

2. Initially it will be difficult to cut, but in time it will become increasingly easy to remove the infected part and to apply the ZetaClear solution.

3. Now you need to wrap your finger with a sterile bandage problems, and preserve it until the next application of the solution.

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How to use the Oral Spray

Once a day you can use the ZetaClear Oral Spray directly into your mouth. According to the Producer : “This is a powerful homeopathic spray that delivers ingredients intended to fight nail fungus directly into the bloodstream and you have the ultimate in natural nail fungus relief”. I have used it before going to bed so the substances will not mix with anything else and can be absorbed through the night.

ZetaClear Ingredients:

Oral Spray

Ingredients in the Oral Spray include the following:

Thuja Occidentalis: The essential oil within the plant has been used for cleansers, disinfectants, hair preparations, insecticides, liniment, room sprays, and soft soaps – source 1

Mancinella: this ingredient is very efficient and powerful for fighting against discoloration.

Antimonium Crudum: this ingredient is included in the Oral Spray to deal with painful sensibility of the skin under the nails.

Arsenicum Album: this is another ingredient that fights against discoloration – According to a popular homeopathy guide, arsenicum album is one of the fifteen most important remedies in homeopathy – source 2

zetaclear ingredients

Ingredients In The Topical Clear Nail Solution

  • Clove Oil: serves or works as a natural analgesic.
  • Lemongrass Oil- this is an ingredient that contains anti-fungal properties.
  • Almond Oil- natural ingredient that contains very useful moisturizing properties.
  • Jojoba Oil – mostly used for skin care products.
  • Vitamin E Oil- this is another natural ingredient that helps in reducing scars.
  • Undecylenic Acid – very useful in promoting healthy skin.
  • Tea Tree Oil- this promotes radiant skin look.

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Has ZetaClear any side effects?

For me, there were NO side-effects involved and i did not saw any in other ZetaClear Reviews. If you’re going to search this info, like i did, you will not find anything relevant about side effects. Some people are saying that they do not like the test of the oral spray, but is a medicine not a shake on the beach :) . ZetaClear is made out of natural ingredients so the risks are close to zero when using it in the recommended dosages. Use it with confidence!

zetaclear testimonial

Where to buy ZetaClear?

One thing is sure – if you already read this till here, you are in the position i was few months ago with nail fungus and you really need this treatment. I did not found ZetaClear in any stores but why to look anywhere, when you can find it directly on the official producer’s website? Here you get the best prices and deals. Here you have a price list that can be found on their site:

Buy 1 package (1 Fl Oz Oral Spray Bottle and 1/2 Fl Oz Clear Nail Solution Bottle) – $49.95
Buy 2 packages and get 1 Free          -  $99.95  – $33.32/each
Buy 3 packages and get 2 Free          – $149.95 – $29.99/eachBest Buy!

The 3rd package is my recommended one, since the fight with nail fungus is a long term commitment and you want this solved for good. With 5 packages you can treat this annoying problem like i did and enjoy the summer time like you should!

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So does ZetaClear really Works?

perfect nailsI can only say, Yes Zetaclear  Really Works! It worked for my friend and me, so it can work for you too. Don’t wait any more and start the treatment as soon as possible. This is my honest ZetaClear Review and i hope it will help you in the long term. Share this with your friends that also fight with this problem and lets help each other to win our happy life back.
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ZetaClear is a 5 star product!
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